Over 30 years of experience in medical billing

Let Us Help You Exceed Your Revenue Goals

MedSolutionsCA assists medical professionals in running a more efficient and profitable practice.

How We Can Help You?

It’s the minutiae that maximizes practice revenue.​

Comprehensive Billing

Streamline your medical billing process for faster insurance payouts.

Aging Reports Audit

Gauge the health and effectiveness of your practice by examining claims.

New Practice Setup

We remove the frustration of dealing with insurance companies.


The right EHR improves the bottom-line and overall practice efficiency.

Chart Audits​

Identify unbilled services by reconciling actual services performed.

Help & Support

Real and qualified people to answer your calls and questions.

Improve and Protect

Your Practice's Revenue

Insurance reimbursement rates are declining, while the cost of operating a practice goes up. This leaves physicians and practices with less profit and therefore less time to focus on patient care.

Hire an experienced medical billing service.

Who We've Worked With

Over 30 Years Experience

In the healthcare industry, MedSolutionsCA offers necessary resources and services to assist medical professionals.

Who We Are

Educated and certified – our staff graduated from top 50 universities and worked in high-stress careers before transitioning to medical billing.

Our Mission

MedSolutionsCA assists medical professionals run a more efficient and profitable practice.

It is our duty to ensure that the practice has more time to concentrate a higher percentage of their office space and payroll on revenue producing activities.

What We Do

Our consulting services assist in evaluating the current status of your practice and make recommendations to improve work flow and revenue.

Why Choose Us?

Let our certified coders evaluate your current billing practices, aging reports and denials, to spot coding and billing pitfalls.





In the changing landscape of medical billing, hiring an efficient medical billing practices is very important for protecting your practice’s revenue. MedSolutionsCA specializes in medical billing and coding solutions for physicians. It is our duty to ensure that the practice has more time to concentrate a higher percentage of their office space and payroll on revenue producing activities.

MedSolutionsCA is a billing, consulting, and Practice Management Company that specializes in giving physicians and their staff hands-on personal attention in an effort to maximize their reimbursements.

We accomplish this by ensuring that your coding and billing meet current guidelines as well as making sure that your practice is in compliance with current benchmarks to avoid penalties imposed by CMS.






The MedSolutionsCA team are experienced with several EHR programs. If you’re not currently using an EHR program we may suggest one that will fit your practice as well as your budget. However, if you are currently satisfied with your system and it meets all of the current requirements, we will be happy to use the system you have in place.


We strive to provide our clients with the kind of personal attention that may not always be available with a larger firm. By paying close attention to the entire billing and coding process, as well as your contracted reimbursement rate, we may be able to suggest ways to increase your revenue and avoid future audits.

The MedSolutionsCA team is ready to handle your practice. If you would like additional information regarding our services, please feel free to contact us.



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